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Home Soda System Portable Soda-water Making Machine

Detailed Product Description:

Home Soda System is available from our appointed dealers within Pakistan. Make pure and most economical Cola, Lemon & lime, Orange, Apple, Pineapple, Mango and other cold drinks by using Home Soda System portable Soda-Water machine. Making Cold Drink by using Home Soda System portable machine costs you as low as Pak Rupees 3.50 per cold drink coupled with the convenience of round the clock in house facility. Buy Home Soda System today and start making economical cold drinks.

How to Use?

Note:Method of using our All Soda-water Making Machines is about similar but when You will purchase any Machine You will be guided briefly "How to use it properly?".
  1. Tilt and Remove Carbonating Bottle from the Machine.
  2. Push the back small button to remove the back-cover.
  3. Remove the cup protector from the head of Cylinder. Connect into the machine and screw it tightly(with your hand) and place back-cover to the machine.
  4. Fill the carbonating bottle wth cold water upto the mentioned limit And connect it to machine
  5. Press the fizz-button for 2-3 seconds 3 times till you hear steady loud fizz sound.
  6. Tilt the Carbonating Bottle and unscrew it from Machine put flavoured Concentrate in it and Enjoy Fresh Fizzy Drink in just a few seconds

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